May Royal Planner Box Review

Hello, lovelies!

I hope all doing well ? I just decided to share my planner journey with you :) This is my first post, but i hope its going to be interesting and helpful :) Ok i cant hide my excitement- i am so much happy to share my Royal Planner box review! It was done by lovely Geraldine Jane- she does awesome planner related videos she also has a blog! Please feel free to check her Youtube channel and her blog!
So i am a bit late with blog post lol ( i have started my subscription boxes back in the May 2016) So i have asked for a review and thanks for Geraldine she has done one! witch one i would love to share! Here is the link to see the blog post. And here is the video.
Also i would be more than happy for my customers who had this box, to leave me a comment down below what do you think about the boxes :)




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